Chinese food waste disposal review

A garbage disposal unit (UK), garbage disposer, food waste disposal, food waste disposer, waste disposal unit, or garburator / garbaratorCanada) is a device, usually electrically powered, installed under a kitchen sink between the sink’s drain and the trap to pass through plumbing. which shreds food waste into pieces small enough (generally less than 2 mm).

We all know and waste king food waste disposal and In-Sink-Erator food waste disposal from USA,  but not have many people noticed Chinese food waste disposals, 80% of food waste disposals are made in China. You may not know, the one in your home might be made in China. That is the truth, with Chinese technology growing rapidly, people are moving their production and focus to China. There have been like 10 or even more Chinese brands  garbage disposals, such as Dengshang food waste disposal,  Beijing Best power food waste disposer, one-dear garbage disposal, jiemei food waste disposer, wanjiemei kithcn waste disposal, gladore food waste disposal and cleesink food waste disposers, etc. We have been dealing with chinese garbage disposal importation for our clients for several times, If anyone needs any help or just advice, e-mail us at restlis  @

How does China Buying Consulation works:

We help you choose the best supplier with the best price and best quality, safety of your business is always our priority. We are specialized in Outboard motor, bladeless fan, food waste disposal business (specialize because we have people that have been working in those industries for several years), but we  also once engaged with T-shirt,  Jerrycan, boat, etc.

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Additional information–How to choose your food waste disposal:

A quality food waste disposer should last for a long time. The key things that you should consider when purchasing your food waste disposer are; what kind of noise reduction does the unit have? As the models increase in price you will find that they are also coming with more efficient sound insulation. What size motor does it have? The bigger the motor the larger the range of items they can process and the longer the life expectancy. What type of feed does the item have? There are 2 types continuous feed (most common) and batch feed operates only when lid is fastened.

Sound Control

Food waste disposal units are so visibly inconspicuous; the sound it makes should not make up for the difference. All units are going to make a certain level of noise- after all; the lugs are crushing your scraps. The Dura-Drive™ induction motors found in In-Sink-Erator models are best for minimizing noise as opposed to those with permanent magnet motors. For the least amount of noise, look for a product that has integrated sound baffles, top of the line insulation and large sound barriers.


The size of your waste disposal unit and it’s motor should be directly related to the amount of waste you are intending to put down the machine. While you would not notice a large machine’s size over a smaller one, its reliability and warranty go hand-in-hand with its capacity.

Continuous Vs Batch

Continuous Feed Vs Batch Feed – Waste disposers vary in terms of the way in which they grind food scraps. The most common of food waste disposers, the continuous feed refers to the way in which the cold water is turned on, the switch is flicked and the machine runs until it is turned off. In contrast, a batch feed will only operate once the lid is fastened and the machine is turned on. This feature has been introduced to avoid accidents that may occur when reaching down while the machine is on or other objects falling in by accident. We feel, however, that the continuous feed machines are far more convenient, and the risk of an accident is very small as long as you are careful when it is running.

Which Switch to Use?

Choosing between two different switches to your machine, there are some factors to consider. Your choice is between a standard electric switch, or an air switch (only available with continuous feed models). While most traditionally models have been fitted with electrical switches, the new air switch provides further convenience and safety when using your waste disposal units. The air switch, when pressed, produces vibrations via a pipe in your counter top. This then turns the unit on. These are generally more convenient as they can be positioned nearby the machine and prevent any potential of an electric shock. The air switch comes standard with the In Sink Erator models 65 and 75 and is available as an accessory.

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